Jules Verne would be right at home with the emerging state of the art car. Although compressed air technology was used in pneumatic locomotives and trams in the late 1800s, was the commercial scale in cars partly by the pressure of the oil industry in 1930 is blocked. This course should not be a surprise for the reader new information about the electric car GM of the 1980s has appeared recently (but that) is another article. With the race on the search for alternative eco-friendly fuel, the car seems to be a high priority on the efficiency ratio vs. clean fuel alternative. Although in the past people have rallied around the idea of an air, car air quality is the ultimate closer than you think.

How does it work?

An electric pump compresses air into a reservoir at high pressure and saves energy. As the air escapes, it pushes the piston, similar to a combustion engine. Compressed air is stored in large cylinders in the vehicle, and the only emission into the environment is cold air. In fact, the emissions in the exhaust air will remove cleaner than the air in the air from the TV through carbon filters against dust, dirt and other contaminants that could affect the performance of the engine. This makes it particularly attractive to car emissions, activists, worried about global warming. Not only that, but the energy it uses is minimal compared to other cars of the future than hybrids or bioethanol, which employ still controversial techniques of energy that can have a negative impact on environment and economy.

Zero Pollution Motors, the U.S. licensee, based in Luxembourg Motor Development International, an air-car for production in the U.S. in late 2009 or beginning of 2010. To fill, simply by giving your local station for air service for a few minutes or an electrical outlet at home for four hours. At speeds over 35 mph the air car, the small amounts of fuel in the air in a boiler room heat and allow the car to get mph top speed is estimated to be 96th

No major infrastructure is needed to support the Air Car, other than charging high pressure about 300 psi. Of course, this makes the car look very attractive, since most of our stumbling blocks are in the search for alternatives to oil changes to the infrastructure. Of course, gas stations can change system configurations generalized space for compressed air. While fossil fuels are still needed to win to electricity for recharging, it will always be a net saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions and pollutants. Course be used, such as wind and solar power are increasingly used as primary energy generators, and power for running the electric pump the car will also be from clean sources.

Air cars have a good future and are expecting one of the great hopes for an easier transition than in a new era of clean fuel. It will be exciting to see these first prototypes of cars seem to transform and effective instruments for the 21 Century.